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How LG's G3 plans to break the iPhone-Galaxy S stranglehold

The G3's key brand dilemma: it's not an iPhone or Galaxy S. LG's US marketing chief tells CNET how that will change.

By May 28, 2014


How to buy the best car for your family

Whether you already have a big family or are just starting a new one, we'll help you find the right car to carry them all.

By January 28, 2016


Apple cornering the market on light laptops

In the eternal PC versus Mac struggle, Apple has a stranglehold on the ultraportable laptop market--and may be repeating the kind of success it had with tablets.

By August 6, 2011


U.S. and E.U. grapple with crunch in rare earth supplies

Nations are pressing for solutions to concerns China may be exploiting stranglehold on metals crucial in the making of portable phones, wind turbines.

By October 26, 2010


E3 2007: 'John Woo Presents Stranglehold'

John Woo Presents Stranglehold

By July 12, 2007


Facebook is the new Compuserve

Facebook is useful in its ability to help create conversations, but it's potentially dangerous in the stranglehold it maintains on those conversations, just like Compuserve of old.

By December 14, 2009


Google Apps Sync: You have nothing to lose but your Exchange

Google is aiming squarely for Microsoft's stranglehold on business users with the launch of Google Apps Sync, which could replace Exchange

By June 10, 2009


Wikiasari, 'Venice Project'...Will 2007 be the year of the 'killer'?

blog Does news like an impending Wikipedia-style search engine suggest the year will be about toppling products with a niche stranglehold?

By December 24, 2006


Creative's Zen Touch sets sights on iPod

Creative aims to break Apple's stranglehold on the portable audio player by releasing the 20GB Zen Touch.

By July 28, 2004


AT&T looks for cable deals

AT&T's CEO Armstrong looks to ink phone service deals with cable operators to slip through the stranglehold of regional Bells.

October 30, 1998