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Oramics is a drawn sound technique developed by Daphne Oram in 1957. Oram's composition machine consisted of a large rectangular metal frame,...

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Spectra Brush

Spectra Brush lets you paint expressively with sound. Use your fingers to paint while using your voice or any other sound to control the shape of...

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Dean Rodney Singers

This app has been developed as part of the Dean Rodney Singers Project that launched at the end of august 2012. The app was designed through...


Music Circle

Music Circle is an application developed as part of the EU funded PRAISE project, exploring new ways to learn and teach music.This app requires...


SPDY takes a step beyond Google's walls

Strangeloop Networks has embraced Google's technology for making the Web a notch faster, and finds it's a big notch: more than half the time to load a Web page.

By June 14, 2011