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Crime Stoppers warns against 'rogue' taxi apps

With the silly season fast approaching, Crime Stoppers is sending out a warning for smartphone users to be careful when booking taxis using apps.

By December 3, 2012


Thermostat whiz Nest wants to reset your peak power use

The new Nest Energy Services are a set of tech-driven features intended to help you and utility companies reduce energy demand during peak periods -- without you losing control of your comfort.

By April 22, 2013


Samsung's Stephen Woo at 2013 CES: Join us Wednesday, 9 a.m. PT (live blog)

Join CNET for live coverage of Samsung Electronics' CES keynote speech, which starts at 9 a.m. PT Wednesday. Our live blog will bring you news updates, photos, and running commentary.

By January 8, 2013


Wine gadget goes full circle

The Waring WC400 Professional Wine Center makes it easy to open -- as well as close -- bottles of wine. Consisting of a wine opener and a wine preserver, the device offers in all-in-one solution all in one place.

By June 5, 2012


Wine fridge makes it four times as easy to choose

Enjoying a nice glass of wine is an easy way to relax. Especially when dispensed from an appliance that offers four choices.

By May 2, 2012


3D Printer Build Week: Day One

3D printers will come ready-made soon, but what's it like building one of the many DIY kits out there? This week, we find out.

By February 13, 2012


Testing pushes SpaceX cargo flight to at least late March

Launch of a SpaceX Dragon cargo carrier on an initial test flight to the International Space Station is on hold until at least late March, and possibly later, to give engineers time for additional tests and checkout.

By January 20, 2012


LG's mammoth 55-inch OLED TV is CES-bound

LG prepares a CES stunner--the largest of the ultrathin OLED TV panels yet, at a price that might not make you scream.

By December 26, 2011


DAR.fm is TiVo for radio. That's not necessarily good

Michael Robertson of MP3.com fame launches another disruptive music service.

By February 23, 2011


TDK survives '80s, rekindles boombox wars

TDK revives its brand, starting with an upscale iPhone-compatible boombox with a 2.1 speaker arrangement, AM/FM radio, and a stunning design.

By December 3, 2010