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Hyperloop One says it can get you from Helsinki to Stockholm in 30 minutes

The proposed super-fast transport system would run underwater and cut travel time by three hours.

By July 6, 2016


What the heck's a hyperloop?

From CNET Magazine: If Elon Musk has his way, we could soon travel at nearly the speed of sound.

By July 9, 2016


​GTA V mod brings LGBT Pride parade to Los Santos

A free mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V lets gamers join the fun of an LGBT Pride parade as it marches down the streets of Los Santos.

By July 12, 2016


Sweden opens 1.2 mile long electric highway for trucks

The highway will charge electric trucks using overhead wires and is finally open for trials.

By June 23, 2016


Spotify won't be sold, CEO says

Spotify is European through and through, and Daniel Ek wants it to stay that way.

By June 9, 2016


'Crowd Control,' part 13: An accidental tourist in a Utopian Mexico

Next in CNET's crowdsourced sci-fi novel, our heroic experimental quantum theorist comes to terms with where her long journey has taken her -- to a place that's an awful lot like Mexico City, but even more like heaven.

By June 1, 2016


Researchers teaching robots to feel pain

The robot version of "pain" will work much like the biological version, teaching robots to avoid hazards.

By May 26, 2016


Animal-inspired robot uses whiskers to sense the world

An odd-looking robot uses an array of whiskers to sense obstacles to avoid them.

By May 23, 2016


More details on Hideo Kojima's new game studio

Kojima says his new studio will be capped at 100 people to ensure it remains "small" and "intimate"; talks about importance of having nice kitchen.

By May 24, 2016


Shape-shifting mobile prototype is half smartphone, half Rubik's Cube

The Cubimorph, cooked up by academics at UK and US universities, is a prototype made up of folding cubes that can form themselves into a variety of shapes.

By May 17, 2016