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STMicroelectronics now joins the IBM chip alliance

IBM and ST, sitting in a tree.

By July 24, 2007


Touchless touch screen gives you control without contact (video)

New technology from chipmaker STMicroelectronics lets you control your smartphone or tablet without actually touching the display.

By February 27, 2013


New technology keeps car audio playing in start/stop hybrids

STMicroelectronics is pioneering a new generation of chips that allow in-car entertainment equipment to operate as the engine is turned off and restarted.

By September 21, 2010


Electronics players vie to juice solar panels' output

Tigo Energy raises money from electronics manufacturer while chipmakers STMicroelectronics and National Semi expand with power electronics to maximize output of solar panels.

By June 9, 2010


AMD goes where Intel isn't: Mobile phone processors

AMD offers new mobile phone graphics technology and hooks up with STMicroelectronics

By February 12, 2008


AMD spinoff lands top chip company as customer

On Wednesday, Globalfoundries is announcing a deal with STMicroelectronics, its first instance of making chips for a company other than AMD.

By July 29, 2009


Financing cut for flash-memory venture from Intel and allies

Intel, STMicroelectronics postpone the establishment of Numonyx, a flash memory supplier, and the joint venture's debt financing is cut by about half.

By December 26, 2007


Embedded software enables gaming glove

ZDNet's Patrick Houston asks STMicroelectronics how its embedded software will enable users to control a game with a glove.

November 1, 2007


Flash memory replacement coming this year?

Phase-change memory chips (ovonics) have been a long time in the works. With the help of Intel and STMicroelectronics, their time may be soon.

By August 9, 2007


Intel cutting margin expectations on soft flash prices

This story incorrectly described the effect that Intel's Numonyx joint partnership with STMicroelectronics will have on its financial statements. Only the assets will vanish with the deal; Intel is still responsible for reporting any profit or loss made b

By March 5, 2008