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Halo 5's aiming has changed, developer explains how and why

343 confirms that the game's aiming system has changed since the beta and warns that it might take some getting used to.

By October 30, 2015


What Oracle wants from storage

Oracle bought Sun which had previously bought an independent storage company, STK. Oracle's new storage strategy: storage is a feature of the Oracle application.

By July 9, 2011


EMC doubles-down on the mainframe

The ever-acquisitive EMC has made another buy. This time it's Bus-Tech. But just who is Bus-Tech?

By November 12, 2010


How Hitachi's Hu Yoshida got the last word

With the announcement of the Victoria enterprise storage platform, Hitachi VP and CTO Hu Yoshida wins a longstanding storage industry debate.

By September 29, 2010


Best Bluetooth headsets

We've rounded up the best Bluetooth headsets, speakerphones and headphones currently on the market and given a little award to our favourites. Bless

By October 31, 2009


Georgens takes command at NetApp

Longtime CEO Dan Warmenhoven is stepping aside while COO Tom Georgens takes command. Does this move make NetApp less likely to be acquired?

By August 24, 2009


Getting the iPhone 3G Unlock to Work

A few days ago, the unofficial iPhone Dev Team released an unlock for the iPhone 3G dubbed "yellowsn0w." The team subsequently released a 0.9.5 beta of the unlock app, which fixes several bugs in the initial iteration. However, many users are still experi

By January 5, 2009


Sun calls NetApp's blog bluff...with open source...in a blog

Jonathan Schwartz calls NetApp's bluff. How he does it and why he does it are fascinating.

By September 6, 2007


In the trenches with...Janice Smith of rSmart Group

We go in the trenches with Janice Smith of the rSmart Group and discover that academia and open source have much in common....

By July 16, 2007


In the trenches with...Brad Nicholes of Novell

The Open Road gleans insight on development and the transformation of a proprietary company into an open source-friendly company with Brad Nicholes, a senior developer at Novell.

By July 9, 2007