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It's not the bus, stupid. It's the system

The tech backlash is getting out of hand, and too many people are looking in all the wrong places for a villain to blame.

By Jan. 25, 2014


Study: Earth microbes could survive Martian conditions

If NASA isn't extremely careful about sterilization, then life on Mars could end up being exactly the same as certain forms of bacteria life on Earth.

By Dec. 28, 2012


Hot and dirty is out, plasma is in

New plasma sterilization process could replace expensive, polluting systems.

By Sep. 28, 2007


Plug-and-play hospitals inflate in Haiti

Doctors Without Borders has set up what they call "plug and play" hospitals--self-sustained, inflatable medical facilities--in Haiti.

By Jan. 21, 2010


Water from air to drinking glass

The EcoloBlue 30 Atmospheric Water Generator is a self-contained water cooler that harvests water directly from the air. It features a multistage filtration system to ensure safety.

By Jun. 22, 2010


Beer straight from the kitchen counter

NanoBrewMaster Home Brew Station is an all-in-one home brew station. It sanitizes, brews, and regulates temperature for beer straight from the tap.

By Dec. 31, 2008


Irrational Games' next project is BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite takes players to the ultrapatriotic city in the sky known as Columbia and follows an internal struggle that inevitably leads to its crumbling.

By Aug. 12, 2010


Rainwater harvesting advocates bring filter tech to the U.S.

For Joe Wheeler, what started as a solution to his own residential water supply problem, has turned into a business venture and a passion for a green technique that appears heading for renaissance.

By Jun. 20, 2008