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Judge me by what I buy! Stereotyping on Shoeboxed.com

The Internet start-up Shoeboxed.com offers a strange mix of purchase and receipt capture and social networking.

By Nov. 7, 2007


Galaxy S4 Mini and HTC One coming in pink and blue

If binary heteronormativity is kinda your thang, check out the HTC One in blue and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in pink.

By Oct. 11, 2013


Omax wide-angle lens ad supports voyeurism

A series of advertisements offer a humorous take on gender stereotyping while offering an alternative use for wide-angle optics.

By Aug. 11, 2009


Monster Cable Heartbeats 2.0 by Lady Gaga In-Ear Headphones

The Heartbeats 2.0 by Lady Gaga have a better design than the original Heartbeats and offer pleasant sound with good bass.

By Aug. 21, 2011

3.5 stars Editor's rating Aug. 21, 2011

Thank you, Marissa Mayer. Now don't mess this up

Yahoo's new CEO choice signals a sea change in the way women in Silicon Valley and the business world present themselves. But the stakes are high.

By Jul. 17, 2012


Virgin Media 100Mbps broadband launches today in four lucky towns

Virgin Media's 100Mbps super-fast broadband service is live today in four towns. Click here to find out where, and be assailed by a torrent of timeworn regional stereotypes.

By Dec. 8, 2010


Girl geeks: Shed the stereotype

The tech industry and the technology community is growing faster than cress. With the Internet so deeply interwoven into business, media, culture and art, for example, feminine insights are refreshing and welcomed by everybody.

By Jun. 1, 2007


Crumbs! Large Hadron Collider suffers snack-related bird mishap

A bird has bombed a bit of baguette into the Large Hadron Collider, causing the giant particle accelerator to overheat. If a marmoset drops in some Marmite, we've got ourselves breakfast

By Nov. 6, 2009


Knol and void: The day I became a published Google 'expert'

Writing a knol article on Google--something akin to a Wikipedia entry--can make you feel authoritative and empowered, until someone comes along and contradicts you.

By Jul. 25, 2008