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Corning's germ-fighting glass means you can touch an ATM with less worry

The special glass is just beginning to make its way into public displays such as ATMs and payment terminals, but Corning hopes it will eventually get into consumer electronics.

By March 17, 2015


My life with a treadmill desk -- e-mail and browsing at 2 mph

Can you really work and walk at the same time? Columnist Danny Sullivan had his doubts. But time with a treadmill desk has made him a convert.

By November 11, 2013


Turns out Kinect is for fashionistas and surgeons, too

Eleven startups with financial and technical backing from Microsoft are pitching investors today to raise funds and fuel nongaming uses for the the motion-sensing controller.

By June 28, 2012


Tech companies aim to untangle power supplies

As tech companies plot to smooth out power supply standards, Westinghouse pledges to partner with Green Plug.

By June 13, 2008


Addicted to the Web? Walk it off

The Walkstation is a stand-up desk integrated into a treadmill. So now you can take a walk while you're working.

By May 29, 2008


Are expensive, green, ergonomic, office chairs worth it?

We spend lots of time with electronic gadgets and most of it sitting on our behinds. I recently bought a Think chair. It's green, ergonomic, high-tech, and expensive. Is it worth it?

By February 8, 2008


The 'Walkstation' is too much work

A workstation attached to a treadmill doesn't sound like good idea to us.

By October 19, 2007


Microsoft vs. Google: Who's greener?

The two Internet companies work to reduce energy use and promote sustainability as product battle heats up. Photos: Green companies

By June 6, 2006


What's on today's shopping lists

Although budgets are definitely tight, companies do still need to buy some technologies--especially those that can save money and make disparate systems work together.

By February 11, 2003


Customers are back in charge

In re-evaluating previous purchases, companies are learning that many long-held tenets about technology were overstated. Today's market is dictated by customer needs, not hyped trends.

By February 11, 2003