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Wear part of the Starship Enterprise on your wrist

The Starwatch app for Android Wear lets your smartwatch mimic the look of the "Star Trek" spacecraft's computer system.

By July 16, 2014


This guy turned his basement into the Starship Enterprise

Anthony Sforza may be the ultimate "Star Trek" fan, and he has $500,000 worth of Trekkie memorabilia to prove it.

By July 10, 2014


Build your own starship with new 'Star Wars' combat game

Disney Interactive's upcoming multiplayer game, Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, will soon hit the Internet. Fans can sign up to test it out.

By December 17, 2013


Starship Enterprise coffee table puts your feet in orbit (photos)

Three grand on Etsy buys some grandiose geek cred. Take a closer look at a piece of furniture you'll never see at Ikea.

5 Images By January 30, 2012


DARPA seeks help for interstellar starship

The defense research agency, in conjunction with NASA, has put out a request for information for a project it hopes could result in a starship capable of long-distance space travel.

By May 6, 2011


Blu-ray interactive silliness: 'Starship Troopers 3'

When the promise of interactive features gets a little too silly.

By September 11, 2008


Starship Enterprise pizza tool as cool as you'd think

Let me know if you need my shipping address so you can send me one of these badass pizza cutters in the form of the famous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from "Star Trek: The Original Series."

By September 22, 2010


Meat the crew of the Starship Enterprise

It may not be vegetarian, but darn if this model of the U.S.S. Enterprise doesn't look spiffy.

By April 27, 2010


Starship Troopers 3 Blu-ray: Interactive silliness

If you want a host of interesting interactive features and acting so wooden it makes Freddie Prinze Jr look like a dynamic and talented young thesp, this is the film for you

By September 11, 2008


Relax in this $30,000 'Star Trek' Enterprise basement

Canadian "Star Trek" fan Line Rainville goes all-out in renovating her basement into a starship suite. She's even got a transporter and food replicators.

By December 27, 2013