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Your face, made from Hubble images

Artist Sergio Albiac is creating a crowdsourced series of starry-eyed portraits reconstructing faces out of images from space.

By Jul. 19, 2013


Netflix cuts back on expiration dates after 'streamaggedon'

Company says that to combat confusion, it has altered its API to prevent third-party tools from broadcasting potentially inaccurate expiration dates for streaming movies.

By May. 14, 2013


NASA probe streaks past comet in picture-perfect flyby

NASA's repurposed Stardust-NExT spacecraft streaks past comet Tempel 1 in a bargain-basement flyby to learn how the icy body has changed since another spacecraft visited in 2005.

By Feb. 15, 2011


NASA probe makes Valentine's Day comet flyby

NASA's Stardust-NExT probe is closing in on comet Tempel 1 for a bonus flyby to learn how the icy body has changed since an earlier encounter.

By Feb. 14, 2011


3D PS3 games available Thursday

We're sure Sony will shed some more light on the company's stereoscopic 3D offerings at next week's E3 gaming expo, but PS3 owners with a 3D HDTV can get in on the action early starting tomorrow.

By Jun. 9, 2010


Top 5 launch games for PlayStation 4

The list of games available for the PS4 is short, but these are our current favorites.

By Nov. 15, 2013


Netflix said to eliminate hundreds of classic titles

As of May 1, movies like the James Bond hit "Goldfinger" and Woody Allen's "Stardust Memories" will not be available for streaming. But, 500 new titles, like "Mission: Impossible II," will be added.

By Apr. 30, 2013


Sony PlayStation Network woos gamers back with free games and movies

Sony has revealed how it plans to woo gamers back, as the beleaguered tech giant tries to rekindle the love affair between gamers and the hacked PlayStation Network.

By May. 17, 2011


Up to 51 3D PS3 games by end of November

Here's another reason to purchase a PlayStation 3 over a standalone 3D Blu-ray player to go with your 3D TV.

By Oct. 28, 2011


Is Sony's PSN compensation enough? Vote in our Facebook poll

Are you happy with the compensation Sony's offering after losing millions of users' personal data and being offline for almost a month? Or should it be doing more?

By May. 21, 2011