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Blizzard's StarCraft II wings into beta

The World of Warcraft publisher announced Wednesday that it has begun beta testing of the sequel to its 1998 hit, StarCraft.

By February 17, 2010


Blizzard announces July 27 release for StarCraft II

Release date for StarCraft II announced by Blizzard Entertainment

By May 3, 2010


Call of Duty: Black Ops II (PlayStation 3)

A sinister villain, some tough choices, and a new kind of multiplayer arena invigorate the reliably intense action in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

November 17, 2012

4 stars Editors' rating November 17, 2012

'StarCraft 2' is now 3

Blizzard Entertainment splits StarCraft II into three separate games.

By October 13, 2008


A sequel 12 years in the making: Starcraft II

The release of Starcraft II not only signifies what's arguably the most notable PC game release in a while, but also marks one of the longest periods in between two franchise releases (not counting expansion packs).

By July 26, 2010


Blizzard's Battle.net to integrate with Facebook

Blizzard Entertainment announces that it will soon integrate Battle.net accounts with Facebook to facilitate players' social-gaming experience.

By May 5, 2010


Googling 'zerg rush' sends you to battle to save your search results

Google's latest Easter Egg asks you to search for the phrase "zerg rush," forcing you into combat to vanquish attacking Os before they gobble up your results.

By April 27, 2012


Activision Blizzard sees '10 as its 'most profitable'

The revenue and earnings of the World of Warcraft are up for the quarter, and the company raises its forecast for the rest of 2010.

By November 5, 2010


Game sales shrunk, but Xbox set records in 2010

The games industry put up less impressive numbers than last year, however Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the accessory market made some of their biggest moves yet.

By January 13, 2011


Darksiders II (PlayStation 3)

Darksiders II merges action, exploration, and loot-driven progression into an excellent and sizable adventure.

January 1, 1972

4 stars Editors' rating January 1, 1972