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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera shootout versus iPhone 6 Plus, LG G3

The battle of the phablet phones begins with a test of their built-in cameras that come equipped with optical image stabilization. Which phone takes the best shot?

By October 16, 2014


Create a beautiful map for your desktop background

Looking to jazz up your desktop background? If you like maps, then you are sure to love Stamen Design's Map-to-Image utility.

By October 19, 2012


Twitter and Facebook bloom on iPad with Biologic

New iPad app offers an innovative way of visualizing users' social media feeds based on a biological metaphor. Bigger cells means more vital information.

By March 8, 2012


Planetary app turns music library into galactic art (Q&A)

45 Minutes on IM: Bloom President Ben Cerveny sits down with CNET to talk about how his new company's approach to data visualization could forever change the way people interact with information.

By May 2, 2011


Trulia, Stamen team up for more eye candy for house hunters

New tool shows off little clusters of homes all over a 2D map, offering an alternative view of the Trulia real estate listings.

By May 29, 2008


Flickr video goes HD, tells time

Flickr is rolling out high-definition video to its paying pro users, while free users now get to upload standard-definition clips, too.

By March 2, 2009


Why Digg's new recommendation engine is a step backward

Digg's new story discovery feature is great for friends, but what about lone wolves?

By July 2, 2008


Moving 2.0: More than 30 services to help you relocate

Moving? Read this guide to figure out how to use the Web to your advantage.

By April 30, 2008


Digg makes use of new image section with flashy new visualization

Digg's got a new way to view pics.

By December 20, 2007


Digg on your desktop: official screensavers launched

Digg's got official screensavers now, and boy are they purdy.

By October 16, 2007