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st. croix falls


ZX Spectrum and St George's Day in 8-bit Google tribute

The 30th anniversary of the ZX Spectrum falls on St George's Day today, so Google is celebrating both with an 8-bit doodle.

By April 23, 2012

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Fall Tech Preview

CNET previews the hot tech coming this fall. Find out what's next for cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, games, and more.


ROFL for the 21st century

We're going car crazy on the Pulse podcast as we take a trip to Paris for the Motor Show, check out the latest in mobiles and ask if 3D actually has legs. And someone falls off their chair.

By October 6, 2010


Payday for VCs plummets 65 percent in 1st quarter

Liquidity generated for venture capitalists from the sales or IPOs of their portfolio companies falls sharply--to lows not seen since 2003--according to a report.

By April 1, 2009


Consumers could fall prey to "Love" bug variants

With St. Valentine's Day approaching, more e-mail users are vulnerable to computer viruses and worms similar to the "I Love You" virus.

February 6, 2001


Wall St. cuts Netscape's gains

The company's stock falls 1.6875 points, losing some of the 25 percent gain from yesterday's e-commerce and executive moves.

August 11, 1998