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Transcend SSD18M (128GB)

Although the Transcend SSD18M solid-state drive is astronomically expensive, the price is balanced with its tiny footprint and impressive transfer speeds. It's easy to geek out on the beauty of the design, and even though hardcore nerds will love its versatility, the simple fact is that bargain-hunting consumers can get much higher capacities for a lot less, at least for now.

By Jun. 10, 2009

4 stars Editor's rating Jun. 10, 2009

MSRP: $525.00


Transcend makes portable solid-state drive

Transcend announces a 1.8-inch solid-state-based external drive with both eSATA and USB 2.0 interfaces that offers capacities up to 128GB.

By Feb. 2, 2009


Transcend ups ante with solid-state external drive

Transcend once again takes external hard drives to the next level with their stylish new portable solid state drive, just announced. The SSD18M is available in a small 1.8 inch form factor, measuring three inches long and two inches wide and draped in a c

By Feb. 2, 2009


Iomega eGo Portable Mac Edition

Mac and PC users alike will appreciate the Iomega eGo Portable's triple interface connectivity that lets you choose from USB 2.0, FireWire 400, and FireWire 800. Combined with a rugged enclosure, free data protection software, and a robust three-year warranty, this drive is a great example of well-rounded hardware. We thoroughly recommend it both for average consumer as well as data-hounds on a budget.

By Jun. 22, 2009

4 stars Editor's rating Jun. 22, 2009

Samsung 470

If you want something that's fast, energy-efficient, lightweight, and durable, and don't mind the hefty prices, the Samsung 470's outstanding performance will make it worth the investment.

By Nov. 14, 2010

3.5 stars Editor's rating Nov. 14, 2010

Seagate Momentus XT

The Momentus XT is an excellent replacement for traditional laptop hard drives. It offers large capacities and SSD-like performance at a fraction of the cost.

By May. 24, 2010

4.5 stars Editor's rating May. 24, 2010