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Security risk at the root of a rooted Samsung Galaxy S3

Thinking of rooting your Android phone? Read this cautionary tale first.

By November 13, 2012


Google Wallet stores too much unencrypted data in a rooted device--report

ViaForensics says unprotected data on phone could be used in a social engineering attack, but only if someone got root access to the device.

By December 12, 2011


How to reset and manage the OS X 10.7 Launchpad interface

Apple's new Launchpad feature in OS X Lion may be a bit cumbersome to organize if you have numerous applications, so here are some tips on resetting and managing it, if needed.

By August 2, 2011


Android stores passwords in plain text: Safer than a false sense of security?

The phone hacking scandal has made us touchy about security loopholes. Today we learn that Android stores passwords as plain text -- but should we be worried?

By July 25, 2011


iPhone secretly tracks your location, but here's why you shouldn't worry

Researchers have created an app that highlights how your iPhone records where you've been at all times -- but it's not the sinister plot they claim.

By April 21, 2011


Firefox beta getting new database standard

A standard called IndexedDB, useful for storing lots of data on a computer for tasks such as Web apps that work offline, is getting closer to being useful for Web developers.

By January 13, 2011


Web-app storage standard meets a formal end

Web SQL Database, which enabled Web apps to store data while offline, meets its official demise as a formal standard.

By November 19, 2010


Adobe funds SQLite database

Company says it's funding public-domain project incorporated into some of Adobe's own software. Also new: an Adobe open-source site.

By February 25, 2008


Google I/O: Day 1 (live blog)

This is the place for live coverage of Google's Day 1 keynote address at Google I/O, starting Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. PDT.

By May 19, 2010


Consensus emerges for key Web app standard

Indexed DB isn't a sure thing, but it's got most of the right allies in the browser world to become an enabler of the cloud-computing vision.

By March 12, 2010