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Spymac gets less Mac-centric, aims for mainstream

Spymac gets a facelift. Or is it a makeover? It's hard to tell. Either way, it's far from the Mac-centric site it once was.

By January 18, 2007


Oregon Trail Facebook app to be replaced with dating service

The somewhat popular Oregon Trail Facebook application has been acquired by SpeedDate.com and will be turning into a dating application in the coming days.

By October 23, 2008


Spymac follows Google on free gig of storage

Spymac, a Web hosting company for Apple Computer aficionados, is giving away 1-gigabyte e-mail accounts, mimicking a move search leader Google made last week.

By April 5, 2004


Photos: The art of being a Mac fan

"The Cult of Mac," recently released by No Starch Press, illustrates a culture of Apple Computer devotees still very alive.

By December 14, 2004


Apple beefs up .Mac storage limits

Apple joins the space race, expanding storage on its .Mac Internet service in the wake of Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail announcements.

By September 29, 2004


Hotmail incinerates customer files

The incident underscores the dangers of online file storage as companies begin to promote free 1GB e-mail services.

By June 3, 2004


Google fleetingly offers some 1,000GB

An apparent glitch briefly escalated the e-mail storage arms race by a factor of 1,000, but when users blinked, that terabyte of Gmail space was gone.

By May 19, 2004


Lycos: We're first with a gigabyte of e-mail

The Web portal says it has beaten Google and Yahoo to the punch--in Britain--with an e-mail service that offers oodles of storage. But free it's not.

By May 18, 2004


Google plays down Microsoft search plans

An executive from the search company says he doesn't expect to see a credible product from the software giant for years.

By April 8, 2004