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At CES 2008, Tom Merritt takes a look at the Spykee robot, a Wi-Fi robot with a built-in camera.

May 21, 2008


'Spyke' spy bot is ready to roll

Price, availability for rolling spy cam

By February 24, 2007


Spykee instead of Spike to watch the house?

Makers of the Erector set offer a robot for VOIP communication and home surveillance.

By September 27, 2007


Meet Spyke, Meccano's Wi-Fi spy robot

He's one-part Johnny 5, one part R2-D2, one part Nabaztag. Meet Meccano's new baby: Spyke the Wi-Fi Spy Robot

By July 18, 2007


A spy bot that's begging to be caught

Discretion apparently isn't one of its strong suits.

By January 2, 2008


Crave Podcast 42: Is Firefox the best browser?

Is Firefox really better than its rivals or does it just have a fan base that shouts louder? And what's the crack with Wireless USB? Find out in this week's hopped-up episode of the Crave Podcast

By July 20, 2007


'Robosapien' is going Hollywood

The Britney Spears of bots gets its first role

By March 8, 2007


Spy clock feeds paranoia

Up to six can be networked in wireless system

By February 28, 2007


Bank bot keeps an eye on your money

It even discourages withdrawals

By February 26, 2007


Enough with the spy bots already

Why do we need so many of them?

By January 27, 2007