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Will HD DVD be resurrected in China?

With the world's largest population backing, the defunct Toshiba-led format will undoubtedly have high hopes for a comeback.

By July 2, 2008


Toshiba laptop touts 'quad-core' processor

Toshiba's Qosmio G55 laptop uses a quad-core processor--but not the Intel or AMD variety.

By June 17, 2008


Toshiba rolls out a trio of Qosmio laptops

Toshiba introduces the Qosmio G50, F50, and X305 gaming and multimedia laptops.

By June 17, 2008


Toshiba to use Cell processor in future notebook

Toshiba plans to use a Cell processor variant in an upcoming notebook.

By May 9, 2008


Toshiba's 3D memory, fuel-cell TV and Cell processors for PCs

Company shows off its vertically stacked flash memory chip, plus its SpursEngine chip for PCs and a mini-TV powered by an integrated fuel cell.

By October 3, 2007