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Google's next offline apps: Presentations, Spreadsheet

The company wants people to stop thinking its Web-based apps are susceptible to flaky networks. Also: Docs experiments with Dart and Native Client.

By June 28, 2012


Tip of the Day: use functions in Google Docs spreadsheets

Whether you're using spreadsheets for work or play, Google Docs has a couple of neat tricks for pulling in data that you might otherwise spend valuable time tracking down.

By January 18, 2012


Imperfect 10s: Best TVs for design, features, picture quality, and value

Check out the four 2012 TVs so far to score a "10" in each of our four review subratings: Design, Features, Picture quality, and Value.

By July 13, 2012


Excellbook: Disguise Facebook as a spreadsheet

Clothing company Diesel releases the Excellbook app to help you goof off at work. The app accesses Facebook through an Excel-style spreadsheet disguise. Sneaky.

By June 20, 2011


Monitor your car's performance with the Torque app for Android

With the help of diagnostic scanner hardware, the Torque Lite and Torque Pro apps for Android give you a peek into the inner workings of your car's brain.

By July 2, 2012


The week that was Google I/O

CNET's Stephen Shankland breaks down the death-defying stunts, gadgets and Android updates unveiled at the Google I/O developers conference.

By June 29, 2012


Sundar Pichai: Chrome 'exceptionally profitable' for Google (q&a)

Search-ad revenue driven by Google's browser helps the bottom line, the chief of Google's browser and online apps business says. With Chrome now on Android and iOS, he's expecting even more money.

By June 29, 2012


Editors' Choice TV and ratings revealed: Midyear report card

CNET takes a step back to evaluate the crop of 2012 TVs as whole, revealing the year's first Editors' Choice and full ratings for every television reviewed so far.

By June 22, 2012


Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X compared

Sparks fly when these two Android smartphone titans collide.

By June 20, 2012


Microsoft breaks tradition with Microsoft Surface tablets

Company announces pair of Microsoft-branded "Surface" tablets running Windows 8 and Windows RT at long-awaited product unveiling in Los Angeles.

By June 18, 2012