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Spore's crazy creature population: 100 million

The video game hatched by Sims creator Will Wright, who recently left publisher EA, now features far more types of organisms than there are species on Earth.

By May 4, 2009


Maxis releases 'Spore' API, contest

The Electronic Arts studio is making it possible for the large community of users of its evolution game to create applications, and is running a contest to inspire the best.

By February 26, 2009


EA shows 'Creature Keeper,' 'Spore' for kids

At its State of the Universe event, EA talks about its new children's version of Spore, as well as Galactic Adventures, the first Spore expansion, and the Wii and DS versions of the game.

By January 22, 2009


EA to offer 'Spore' DRM-free

It will be one of several titles distributed via Valve's Steam platform. The move is likely to win EA points with gamers.

By December 22, 2008


'Spore' leads 2008's most pirated PC games

EA probably isn't too happy about having two games in this list of the top 10 most pirated.

By December 6, 2008


'Spore' gets cute and spacey add-ons

Just a month after the evolution game's release, Electronic Arts announces two expansion packs.

By October 13, 2008


Gaming preview: 'Spore'

After years of development and delays, the evolutionary sim is finally here. "Spore" is one the most ambitious games ever to come from the mind of Will Wright. The game starts you off as a single-cell organism, which you must evolve into a civilization and beyond, through survival of the fittest. 'Spore' will release on September 7 for the PC and Mac, and for the Wii and DS at a later date.

October 3, 2008


EA: Piracy didn't hurt 'Spore' sales

Electronic Arts seems to accept that some level of piracy will go on. Perhaps a better strategy is to offer a free version of its game?

By September 30, 2008


EA hit with class action suit over 'Spore'

Class action lawsuit is filed against Electronic Arts for allegedly failing to inform consumers of a copy protection program that came along with Spore.

By September 24, 2008


'Spore' hits a million copies sold since launch

The sales figures are impressive for a game with an intellectual theme, but don't match the numbers put up by hits like GTA IV and Guitar Hero III.

By September 24, 2008