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Flying fungus? Decomposable 'bio drone' takes to the skies

If this "biological drone" drone crashes, it can decompose without leaving a trace. "No one would know if you'd spilled some sugar water or if there'd been an airplane there."

By November 14, 2014


iPhone 5 begins its world tour in Australia

Demand appears high for a device that's already seen record sales. Analysts say Apple will sell at least 6 million in the first weekend.

By September 20, 2012


Spore Creatures unleashed on the iPhone

With release of EA's Spore Creatures for the iTunes store, iPhone users can help their lifeforms evolve by finding food, battling enemies, and growing new body parts.

By January 27, 2010


Gaikai cloud-gaming service goes live

Gaikai launches its game-streaming service with free trials.

By February 27, 2011


So Will Wright walks into a Bar Karma, see

The creator of The Sims and Spore talks to CNET about his new venture, a Current TV series about fateful encounters that will fold in story ideas from viewers as it develops.

By February 10, 2011


Spore's crazy creature population: 100 million

The video game hatched by Sims creator Will Wright, who recently left publisher EA, now features far more types of organisms than there are species on Earth.

By May 4, 2009


UK government spends £2.7m on online road-safety game for kids

The Department of Transport spent over £2.7m creating and running an online game called Code of Everand designed to teach kids how to cross the road -- even though very few children ever played it.

By January 14, 2011


Spore to evolve into major motion picture

Twentieth Century Fox is behind the CGI movie, and Variety reports that "Ice Age" director Chris Wedge is splicing its genes.

By October 7, 2009


Spore to evolve into major motion picture

The pseudo-Darwinian life simulator Spore has been pegged by EA to evolve from video game to full-blown cinematic feature film, and the director of Ice Age is splicing the genes

By October 6, 2009


Spore spawns free creature-builder

Fans of Spore can now create unique creatures through a free Web-based game. With Spore Creature Creator 2-D, anyone can design an alien.

By September 18, 2009