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Universal Music's digital chief plots new course (Q&A)

Rob Wells, the former surfer turned music exec, was among the first in the industry to cheer Spotify. In an interview with CNET, Wells says that embracing new business models has paid off.

By December 13, 2011


SpiralFrog's turmoil, in missives

E-mail exchanges between SpiralFrog managers and financiers, obtained by CNET News, shed a bit more light on power struggles and frustrations over the company.

By August 11, 2009


Warner Music exec: We finally figured out free

Michael Nash, Warner's outgoing digital chief, says you bet the industry stumbled at times in the digital era but it's pointed in the right direction now: toward the cloud.

By September 28, 2011


What's driving rise in music sales?

Was it the death of LimeWire, lower prices, Adele's skyrocketing popularity, or Amazon's big discount of Lady Gaga that halted a seven-year decline in album sales?

By July 10, 2011


Apple, Google music clouds can't snub publishers

The influence of music publishers is growing, and one man is leading them to what they hope is more digital music dollars.

By June 17, 2011


Pandora, a good service but poor investment

Pandora, the online radio station and music recommendation service, went public today and investors were getting frothy. But the company has too little going for it to justify investment.

By June 15, 2011


Spotify sets new limits on free music

For the last year, the European music service has been slowly reducing the amount of free music available to users. Now it has a fresh set of restrictions.

By April 13, 2011


Google begins testing Google Music internally

Employees of the online titan have begun using Google Music to help smooth out kinks, music industry sources tell CNET. There's still one nagging problem, though: music licenses.

By March 24, 2011


Troubled Qtrax is back and licensing music

The company that had trouble paying bills and acquiring licensing rights the past three years has finally penned some deals. The service is expected to launch next week.

By March 4, 2011


How turf wars and miscues crippled SpiralFrog

Before the doors closed at the once-promising start-up, money got tight, and the payroll went unpaid. Management squabbles made a bad situation even worse.

By August 11, 2009