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SpinVox responds to BBC: Yes, we use people, but it's all good

SpinVox replies to a BBC story that says its 'Voice Message Conversion System', which transcribes your voice mails to text, may just be some peeps and a pen

By July 23, 2009


SpinVox's $100 million to convert even more voice mail to text

The speech-to-text software company has nabbed $100 million from Goldman Sachs and others to grow its business internationally.

By March 20, 2008


SpinVox adds voice-to-text support for microblogging services

Talk to your blog and social networking friends via text using SpinVox's voice-to-text services.

By October 26, 2007


Top-10 cell phone gaffes

SpinVox polls its users on the most annoying cell phone practices.

By March 4, 2008


Voice2Text: you had voicemail

SpinVox plans to make listening to voice messages an activity of cavemen and hermits with the Australian release of their Voice2Text messaging service.

By February 7, 2008


Voice-to-text service offered for BlackBerry

SpinVox's plug-in for BlackBerry handsets converts voice mail into text. It also enables users to respond with e-mail, SMS, or voice.

By February 28, 2008


VoiceCloud voice-to-text now open for beta

VoiceCloud's service relies on people-power instead of artificial intelligence to transcribe voice to text.

By April 29, 2008


The five most spurious Valentine's Day press releases

Every year at about this time, we're deluged with missives. Valentine's Day cards from adoring worshippers of our geek good looks? No. Press releases

By February 13, 2009


Bubble Motion raises $14 million to expand voice SMS

Sequoia Capital and Comcast Interactive Capital among investors in 5-year-old company, adding to the fervor for mobile technology.

By March 26, 2008


SimulScribe turns voice mail into text

SimulScribe uses voice recognition software to transcribe voice mail messages.

By February 21, 2007