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Spintronics may save Moore's Law

A joint effort by four universities looks to harness the spin of electrons for next chip breakthroughs.

By March 9, 2006


Intel sketches out nanotechnology road map

The firm is planning new ways to increase chip speed. Could "spintronics" replace silicon-based technology?

By October 25, 2004


IBM, Stanford put new spin on chip research

The tech company and the university announce a joint research effort into spintronics, a technology that one day may yield computers that start working as soon as the power comes on.

By April 26, 2004


Chipmakers take new steps

There's no sitting tight in the world of semiconductor design. IBM and Stanford University, for instance, are digging deeper into the esoteric field of spintronics, while a start-up says its processor can learn as it goes.

By April 26, 2004