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Spielberg to work on new live-action Halo TV series

Xbox's popular franchise finally gets a live-action TV show.

By May. 21, 2013


Spielberg, Dreamworks working on 'Halo' movie for 2012?

A new report out of France claims Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks have teamed up to get a "Halo" film out in 2012.

By Oct. 6, 2011


Spielberg, Abrams film trailer launches on Twitter

Steven Spielberg is teaming up with J.J. Abrams on the new "Super 8" film, the trailer for which launched first on Twitter earlier today.

By Mar. 11, 2011


Tintin revealed in first picture from Spielberg and Jackson's 3D CGI movie

Thundering typhoons! The first picture from Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's 3D CGI version of Tintin has been unveiled.

By Nov. 2, 2010


Spielberg, EA score with Boom Blox

EA and Steven Spielberg have created an addictive puzzle game that is great for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

By May. 7, 2008


Can Animoto make you the next Spielberg?

The new web video creation startup, Animoto, is looking to shake things up with their media analysis technology.

By Aug. 6, 2007


Ridley Scott is Master Chief of Halo 'digital feature'

The "Alien" director will serve as executive producer on the project, which is due to be released later this year.

By Apr. 3, 2014


$150 movie ticket? George Lucas says it could be so

Lucas and Steven Spielberg see a collision course as studios pile on mega-budget films, one that will make a movie outing like going to Broadway and put thoughtful pictures on Internet TV.

By Jun. 13, 2013


Sony to debut original TV show 'Powers' for PlayStation

Appealing to a gamer audience, the entertainment giant announces it's working on an original television series about a detective that solves crimes involving people with supernatural powers.

By Mar. 19, 2014