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Toyotas can't deal with spiders

Toyota recalls 870,000 cars because spiderwebs could cause their airbags to suddenly deploy.

By Oct. 18, 2013


Attack of the giant spiders

By Oct. 16, 2012


Working with spiders

Site owners and SEOs have the opportunity to work with the search engines to identify crawl issues, check backlinks, and get access to even more useful information.

By Sep. 18, 2007


Spiders and snakes in war--oh my!

BAE Systems is developing electronic spiders, insects, and snakes to help soldiers gather information without exposing them to dangerous situations on the battlefield.

By May. 4, 2008


Great moments in literature: "Eternity [is]...spiders in every corner"

What a great line from an exceptional book.

By Jan. 20, 2008


Get a Combat Creatures Attacknid robot-spider 2-pack for $99.96

These normally sell for upward of $100 apiece, so this is almost like getting two for one. These dart-firing RC spiders are insanely cool and tons of fun.

By Apr. 18, 2014


Let them eat Yoda: A geek food feast full of fun and failure

Spider-Man crackers, "Star Wars" fruit gummies, Super Mario soup, and other geek tie-in foods cry out for a taste test. Crave's Amanda Kooser answers the call.

By Mar. 14, 2014


Galaxy Note 3 'Neo' leaked phablet knows six-core kung-fu

Woah -- Samsung is working on a phone called Neo. The Galaxy Note 3 Neo appears to be a cheap Note 3, with a weird six-core chip, according to a new leak.

By Jan. 9, 2014


Hobbits, trolls, and elves invade Google Chrome

Indulge your inner Hobbit with the "Journey through Middle-earth" interactive experience from Google. But beware of Hill-trolls!

By Nov. 28, 2013