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Oracle to debut Sparc server with new T4 chips

CEO Larry Ellison today will tout a SuperCluster system based on the Sparc T4 processors, which take a step back toward traditional chip designs.

By September 26, 2011


Sun's new SPARC64: Nice product, little excitement

Sun should at least make the old college try to display some enthusiasm about products that are proven and bringing in real revenues.

By July 17, 2008


Sun, Fujitsu unveil quad-core Sparc64 chip, servers

Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu announce a quad-core Sparc64 VII processor that puts all processing cores in one chip.

By July 13, 2008


Microsoft nabs Sun chip executive

Marc Tremblay, one of the main architects of the Sparc line of chips, is headed to Redmond as a "distinguished engineer" after spending 18 years at Sun.

By April 8, 2009


Sun extends UltraSparc reach

With its new microprocessor, Sun Microsystems hopes to sell chips to telecom firms, storage manufacturers.

By August 6, 2007


Sun, Fujitsu to launch joint Sparc servers

Jointly designed servers, with 4 to 64 dual-core "Olympus" processors, were originally part of effort to keep Sparc from fading away. Photos: Sun's new enterprise servers

By April 16, 2007


Sun speeds UltraSparc, but some analysts see trouble

UltraSparc IV+ now available in 1.95GHz, 2.1GHz models, but higher-end server sales could be slowing.

By April 3, 2007


Sun relaunches Sparc chip business

Server maker splits off Sparc processor business in hopes of selling the chips to others.

By March 27, 2007


Wind River offers Sparc-Linux option

Company will support Linux running on Sun's UltraSparc T1 'Niagara' processor for telecommunications customers.

By November 3, 2006


Sun, Fujitsu promise Sparc speed surge

The two chip designers tout performance improvements set to arrive in their new Sparc models.

By October 10, 2006