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Seminal computer video game Spacewar lives again

MIT creates a simulation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Spacewar. A relic of the early days of minicomputers, it was one of the first computer video games and set the stage for many others, including Asteroids.

By February 11, 2012


Video game Spacewar reborn at 50 (photos)

Spacewar, one of the first computer video games ever written, is commemorated at its birthplace at MIT with a simulation and celebration.

10 Images By February 11, 2012


Short Take: Computer Museum in Silicon Valley

The Computer Museum announced that plans are in progress to identify a permanent History Center facility in Silicon Valley to house collections and historic exhibitions, as well as research and administrative offices. Artifact highlights include a complete collection of Seymour Cray's computers from NTDS 17 (1957) to the Cray 1 (1976); Whirlwind (1951); Univac 1 (1952); the PDP-1 with original SpaceWar game (1962); and more than 100 different early personal computers.

By October 18, 1996