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Astronauts take Christmas Eve spacewalk, make critical repair

But now they're home for the holidays -- home at the International Space Station, that is, after a high-stakes repair job clearing the way for reactivation of a critical coolant system.

By December 24, 2013


NASA plans three spacewalks for crucial repairs on space station

After a faulty pump for the space station's cooling system goes on the fritz, astronauts must venture outside the station to replace the machine.

By December 17, 2013


Cosmonauts set for Olympic torch relay spacewalk

The Olympic torch arrived on the International Space Station, but how will it do during a spacewalk?

By November 8, 2013


Spur-of-the-moment spacewalk a first for NASA, space station

An impromptu spacewalk triggered by the sight of ammonia flakes drifting past a window of the International Space Station wraps up with a replaced pump and a plan for "additional detective work."

By May 11, 2013


Spacewalking cosmonauts move cargo crane, attach shields

In a virtually trouble-free spacewalk, Russian cosmonauts move a cargo crane from International Space Station module to another, launch a small science satellite, and install debris shields on their command module.

By August 20, 2012


Spacewalkers make space station coolant repairs

Applying a healthy dose of elbow grease, Douglas Wheelock finally freed a jammed ammonia line connector, clearing the way for removal of a failed coolant system pump.

By August 11, 2010


NASA revising second station repair spacewalk

Faced with an unexpected ammonia leak, NASA engineers revise plans for replacing a coolant system pump aboard the International Space Station.

By August 9, 2010


NASA refines plans for station repair spacewalks

NASA is racing the clock to iron out plans for two quick-response spacewalks to replace a critical coolant system pump aboard the International Space Station.

By August 2, 2010


Spacewalks planned to fix station coolant problem

Multiple alarms woke the space station's crew late Saturday after one of two coolant loops shut down, forcing the astronauts to power down critical systems. Two spacewalks are being planned to fix the problem.

By August 1, 2010


Spacewalk cut short by spacesuit CO2 buildup

A problem with the carbon dioxide removal system in astronaut Chris Cassidy's spacesuit forces flight controllers to terminate a space station battery replacement spacewalk.

By July 22, 2009