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Netflix purges 79 movies, say goodbye to 'Taxi Driver'

The streaming service will pull dozens of titles from its streaming catalog on July 1, but it's also adding dozens of new titles.

By June 30, 2014


Massive chart compares more than 200 sci-fi spaceships

How does the Serenity stack up against a Bothan assault cruiser? Or a Turian corvette against a D'Kora-class marauder? Sci-fi fan Dirk Loechel is all over it.

By October 9, 2013


Meet Spoutnik, the space-age microwave

The Fagor Spoutnik is a fun microwave that features distinctive styling. Named after Sputnik, the first man-made satellite, the space-age appliance kicks off a new stage of the space race.

By December 5, 2012


'Tron Legacy' gear includes wall-climbing light cycles, glowing controllers

Disney's relentless pursuit of "Tron" merchandise for the holiday sequel "Tron Legacy" features some gear we might not be ashamed to own. Do you care for the color blue?

By June 22, 2010


'Star Wars' homages through the years

A gallery from CNET News.com.

By May 25, 2007


The 404 179: Where we're all getting some action

Sometimes things just don't go the way they were planned. Such is the theme of today's show; although we have a full rundown of stories, we digress in typical 404 fashion and get sidetracked by Street Fighter 4.

By September 8, 2008


The 404 599: Where we've gone to plaid (podcast)

We have a new rule on The 404 Podcast: every third show title must include a references to one of the greatest parodies in cinematic history: "SPACEBALLS."

By June 10, 2010


Vote: Battle of the nonviolent robots (The Elite 1000)

According to your votes, these are the eight best nonviolent robots out there. Which four will advance to see another round? Vote for the winners.

By September 17, 2007


Vote: Battle of the nonviolent robots (Round 1, Part 2)

These robots don't want to fight. That's why you have to pick the winners. Here's part two of the first round of our grand tournament, featuring robots from the movies and TV.

By September 2, 2007