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Olympus SP-570 UZ

Poor performance diminishes the Olympus SP-570 UZ's potential as an otherwise solid megazoom.

Jan. 15, 2008

3 stars Editors' rating on Aug. 21, 2008

Olympus Stylus SP-100

The Olympus Stylus SP-100 is a problem-solver camera, giving zoom fiends a simple -- and clever -- way to keep athletes, wildlife, and other targets in your sights.

Jan. 28, 2014

3.5 stars Editors' rating on Jul. 10, 2014

Pioneer SP-SB23W

The Pioneer SP-SB23W is the best affordable sound bar if you care about sound quality, with its outstanding sonics making up for some of its design limitations.

Jun. 25, 2013

4 stars Editors' rating on Sep. 23, 2013
4 stars User rating out of 8 reviews

Pioneer SP-PK52FS

If you've got the space for it, the Pioneer SP-PK52FS is simply the best-sounding, budget-price home theater speaker package you can buy.

Sep. 28, 2012

4.5 stars Editors' rating on Oct. 3, 2012
5 stars User rating out of 1 reviews

Olympus SP-800UZ

If you care more about having a long lens at a low price than photo quality or manual controls, the Olympus SP-800UZ is an option.

Feb. 2, 2010

2.5 stars Editors' rating on Feb. 24, 2011
1 stars User rating out of 1 reviews

Olympus SP-600UZ

The Olympus SP-600UZ is easy on your wallet for a megazoom, but its photos and performance require a lot of compromise.

Feb. 2, 2010

3 stars Editors' rating on Jan. 31, 2011
3.5 stars User rating out of 1 reviews

Olympus SP-590 UZ

Aside from a debatably useful 26x zoom lens, there's little that's notable about the Olympus SP-590 UZ.

Feb. 25, 2009

3 stars Editors' rating on Aug. 10, 2009

Olympus SP-560 UZ

Olympus' 8-megapixel ultrazoom generally improves over the SP-550UZ, but suffers from many of the same problems.

Jul. 23, 2007

3 stars Editors' rating on Mar. 28, 2008
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Olympus SP-500 UZ

Olympus SP-500 UZ

Aug. 29, 2005

MSRP: $349.99


Olympus SP-350

This Olympus SP-350 is packed with powerful manual features, but its performance and photo quality lag behind the competition's.

Aug. 29, 2005

3 stars Editors' rating on Dec. 1, 2005

MSRP: $349.99