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Price Watch: Soyo 22-inch LCD monitor down to $169.99 shipped

This brand-new widescreen was selling for 10 bucks more just a few weeks ago.

By September 18, 2008


Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A

The Soyo Dymond DYLMO19A has the look and feel of a bargain LCD, but it adds good image quality, built-in speakers, and a digital-input option.

May 21, 2008


Soyo Freestyler Bluetooth headset

While we appreciate that the Soyo FreeStyler can be worn three different ways, its poor audio quality is a big letdown. Still, it's lightweight, and has a slim, inconspicuous design.

May 21, 2008


Get a Soyo 22-inch LCD monitor for $199.99

CompUSA has a Soyo 22-inch LCD monitor with built-in speakers on sale for $199.99, plus shipping. No rebates required!

By April 23, 2008


Get a 32-inch LCD TV for $298

This new Soyo model doesn't offer a lot of frills, but it does deliver full 720p video for less than three bills. One caveat, though: Soyo seems to be out of business.

By November 4, 2009


Honeywell TV maker files for bankruptcy protection

Another small TV maker finds it rough going in the current economic environment for consumer electronics, filing for Chapter 7.

By May 21, 2009


Get a 21.6-inch LCD monitor for $110 shipped

You'll have to wait on a pair of rebates to get that price, but PC Connection's is the lowest price ever on this big beauty, the Soyo DYLM2284.

By March 20, 2009


82 inches of high-definition fury

At 82 inches, the Honeywell MT-HWGWT8218AM may actually fit through your front door. Maybe.

By February 20, 2009


Another 22-inch widescreen LCD for $179.99 shipped, this one with HDCP!

Although it lacks an HDMI interface, this monitor does have a DVI input that supports HDCP--so it's all set for Blu-ray.

By August 18, 2008


Return of the $179.99 22-inch LCD monitor -- now rebate-free!

Usually a price like this means a refurbished unit or big rebate, but this 22-incher is brand new and rebate-free. You even get free shipping.

By August 7, 2008