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EMC reportedly buys SourceLabs, but for what purpose?

EMC has apparently bought open-source support provider SourceLabs, but why?

By January 2, 2009


SourceLabs gets (back?) into Linux support

Is SourceLabs still in business? Who knew?

By March 18, 2008


SourceLabs enables do-it-yourself Linux support

Enough people do their own Linux support--or want quicker answers to problems--that SourceLabs expands its open-source service.

By March 18, 2008


Open-source SourceLabs bets on 'SASH' plus Tomcat stack

Support provider SourceLabs sees corporate customers building new applications on open-source, rather than proprietary Java application servers.

By August 1, 2007


SourceLabs looks to tame open-source sprawl

Open Source Management System is designed to standardize and centralize open-source components within a large company.

By April 24, 2007


Open-source firm SourceLabs bags $7 million

Second-round investment will fund continued technology development and expanded sales to corporate customers.

By October 26, 2006


SourceLabs automates open-source support

Claiming it can improve existing services, start-up unveils automated system to give tech help for software "stacks."

By June 27, 2006


Open-source firm SourceLabs partners with Oracle

Services outfit SourceLabs stress tests the "SASH" open-source components on Oracle's application server.

By February 9, 2006


Bitrock on center stage with its Network Service

Every open-source company needs a Network. BitRock has one. The question is whether you'll get one from little-known BitRock or industry heavy Red Hat. Either way, choice is on the rise.

By May 10, 2008


SourceLabs sees green in grassroots Java

Start-up targets corporate developers with bundle of, and support for, commonly used open-source Java components.

By August 2, 2005