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Microsoft SoundWave: It's like Kinect, but skips the cameras

The technology uses a laptop's speaker and microphone to sense in-air gestures. Wave your hands, scroll the page.

By May 8, 2012


Soundwave import-only MP3 player

Tomy releases MP3 player version of classic Transformer Soundwave character.

By July 17, 2007


MP3 player or tree ornament?

Soundwave player is shaped like a ball

By November 27, 2006


Gingerbread Optimus Prime: Dessert in disguise

"Confectibots, roll out!" There's more than meets the eye to this tasty Transformer. But what if all food could change into powerful robots?

By December 19, 2013


New ultrasound tech could improve cancer detection

When it comes to detecting cancer, ultrasound is simply too low-res to compare with CT scans and MRIs. Up the resolution, though, and the less expensive, radiation-free alternative could become an ideal alternative.

By January 31, 2014


Best Android apps of 2013

Looking for the best apps available for your Android device? Take a look at our list of favourites, including free and paid for apps.

By November 20, 2013


Bose QuietComfort 20

Despite some downsides, including a high price, the Bose QuietComfort 20 offers the best noise-canceling in an in-ear headphone and should tempt frequent travelers looking for a more compact alternative to a full-size NC headphone, such as the Bose QuietComfort 15.

October 31, 2013

4 stars Editors' rating October 31, 2013

Yahoo's 'resumegate' heats up

Nevada allows Google's self-driving cars, Facebook social-reader users on the decline, and a Yahoo board member responsible for vetting CEO Scott Thompson's resume will not seek re-election.

By May 8, 2012


What the fashionable nerd is wearing

How to formally declare you're a Transformers fan in one easy step.

By February 5, 2009


iPad prototype with two docks sells for £6,500

A prototype first-generation iPad has gone under the hammer for £6,500, sporting not one but two dock connectors.

By May 29, 2012