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Arcam rPac headphone amp and USB DAC hands-on

The Arcam rPac offers PC and Mac users an affordable upgrade to their onboard sound, complete with a dedicated headphone amplifier.

By May 7, 2012


Stanton T.92 and T.55 USB turntables: Rip your vinyl to MP3 or CD

There's furious debate over whether digital music can ever be a serious substitute for vinyl, but Stanton's giving you the option with these decks

By March 12, 2009


Sweex goes sound-card commando with USB speakers

Forget 7-channel surround-sound speakers, take a look at these 120W USB stunners from Sweex. They're so good they don't even need a sound card!

By April 13, 2006


Native Instruments Traktor 3.3: DJ like a pro

If you've always harboured a sneaking suspicion that you're the next big name in DJing, you should have a go on Traktor DJ Studio and prove to the world how right you are

By March 27, 2008