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JMC Soundboard makes music out of wood

Speaker from Switzerland-based guitar maker JMC Lutherie is said to be made of 350-year-old spruce wood from the Swiss Risoud forest.

By January 30, 2012


Duke Nukem Forever Soundboard: Free for iOS

While you're waiting for the actual game to come out, get your Duke on with this free batch of sound clips. It's delightfully juvenile, yet tasteless!

By May 27, 2011


David Cameron to get his own iPad app

And no, it's not a David Cameron soundboard, it's an app specifically designed for the prime minister. Lucky so and so.

By December 28, 2011


DIY Weekend: Sonic sculpture for arcade lovers

Homemade soundboard by artist/nerd Steve D'Angelo rocks a vintage look and sounds like Space Invaders and Pac-Man.

By May 15, 2010


StarWars.com makes it all too easy to string sounds together

As you can imagine, Star Wars soundboards are nothing new, but last week StarWars.com announced an official Star Wars soundboard.

By May 13, 2009


Dinner music from the table

The Lovegrove & Repucci Concerto Table is a dinner table that houses two speakers and an iPod dock. Featuring a surprising design, the elegant table is perfect for entertaining.

By December 9, 2010


Feck! Drink! Girls! Father Jack from Father Ted gets his own iPhone app

Channel 4 has released a new iPhone app based on legendary sitcom Father Ted, with the app promising to turn you into foul-mouthed alcoholic priest Father Jack.

By April 6, 2011


iXoost iPod dock made from an F1 exhaust

The iXoost dock is made from the exhaust pipe of a sports car, and can cost more than $9,000. Let's hope Apple doesn't change the dock connector.

By July 25, 2012


Pretend to be NASA at the Mission Control Desk

Nothing makes a study break more fun than a simulated Apollo program courtesy of this DIY Mission Control Desk that has everything from lighted buttons to an iPad display of astronauts in action.

By February 21, 2014


Station to Station: A nomadic 'art happening' for the tech age

A traveling group of artists stops over in Santa Fe, N.M., for a festival blending art, yurts, music, and technology.

By September 20, 2013