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Facebook's Zuckerberg sounds off again about NSA scandal

CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the NSA spy scandal that broke this past summer has strained some of the company's relationships overseas.

By February 24, 2014


LG G Pro 2 could sound off with better speakers

The new smartphone will improve the audio output by 30 percent compared with its predecessor, says Korean news site ETNews.

By February 6, 2014


Samsung sounds off with Galaxy Music smartphone

The company has officially announced its new entry-level smartphone complete with a musical touch.

By October 9, 2012


Spinmeisters sound off on Apple's communications breakdown

Apple's handling of the iPhone 4 antenna problem has, to put it charitably, not gone over well. We went to some PR experts to ask them what they would do.

By July 14, 2010


CNET Showcase wrapup: Readers sound off on iPad vs. all other tablets

Brian Cooley wraps up the second CNET Showcase Live event with an overview of the debate and videos of the products behind it.

By June 28, 2010


Sharp HT-SB400 sound bar and DK-AP8P iPod dock: Sound off

Pin back your vestibular apparatus for new sound-related kit from Sharp: the HT-SB400 sound bar and DK-AP8P iPod dock

By January 19, 2010


Deaf users sound off on Sidekick outage

Recent problems with the smartphone, long popular in the deaf community, leaves many users frustrated and sizing up alternatives.

By October 15, 2009


Podcast: Ina Fried sounds off on Windows 7

Larry Magid and Ina Fried talk about the beta version of Windows 7, the next version of the Windows operating system.

By January 29, 2009


Sounding off on Gates' farewell

As Bill Gates wraps up his last few days of full-time work at Microsoft, listen to three industry pioneers reflect on Gates' early days and his legacy in the technology world.

By June 24, 2008


Intel sounds off on USB 3.0 conflict, graphics plans

Company attempts to end dispute by clarifying difference between basic spec and "host controller specification." It also confirms a shift away from traditional graphics chip tech.

By June 11, 2008