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Sony adds digital noise-cancelling to entry-level Walkman

We take a closer look at a new budget-friendly Sony Walkman announced today in Japan.

By January 24, 2012


Sony's disappointing noise-canceling in-ear headphones

The Sony XBA-NC85D is marginally effective at canceling noise and its disappointing sound quality does nothing to offset the exorbitant price.

By April 19, 2012


Do Sony's $200 NC200D noise-canceling headphones beat Bose (review)?

If you can't afford Bose's QuietComfort noise-canceling headphones, the attractively designed and more affordable Sony MDR-NC200Ds are worth your consideration.

By November 1, 2011


Sony's noise cancelling headphones and speakers tackle the tunes

Sony's new sound cancelling MDR-NC100D in-ear and MDR NC200D on-ear headphones want to bring the noise along with two speakers for smart phones, the SRS-BTV25 and the RDP-V20iP.

By August 31, 2011


Managing playlists and noise-canceling capabilities--Ask the Editors

Get the answers to all of your questions about MP3 players, headphones, and more in this weekly feature.

By September 22, 2008


Slide show: Sony's noise-canceling MP3 player, up close

CNET presents an annotated series of photos for the Sony NW-S705F MP3 player Walkman.

By May 23, 2007


Sony MDR-NC500D Digital Noise Canceling

The Sony MDR-NC500D Digital Noise Canceling Headphones may lighten the wallet, but they are a great option for frequent fliers and tetchy commuters who need superior noise cancellation.

By April 16, 2008

3.5 stars Editors' rating April 16, 2008

Sony releases its noise-canceling answer to the iPod Nano

Sony releases the NW-S705F Noise Canceling MP3 player Walkman.

By May 7, 2007

Editors' Take

Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX2

The Sony Walkman ZX2 is a luxury portable player which features access to Android streaming apps and a premium build.

By January 6, 2015

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Sony's newest Walkman is for audiophiles only

Willing to spend $1,000-plus for an MP3 player? This Walkman is for you.

By January 6, 2015