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Good news for Project Playlist: Sony BMG strikes deal

It's the first major label deal for the social music industry's latest enfant terrible, which has been hammered by lawsuits and seen its widgets banned from MySpace.

By December 22, 2008


Sony BMG signs mobile-marketing deal with Mozes

Mozes will enable music artists to send text and voice messages to fans. No, this isn't spam, as hard-core fans are only sent messages they've asked for.

By June 12, 2008


Sony BMG releases more DRM-free music

Download prices at Dada Entertainment aren't bad, but the selection leaves a lot to be desired.

By May 13, 2008


Sony BMG in talks with Project Playlist, bucks other labels

Music company negotiates with start-up accused in a copyright lawsuit filed by other major labels of helping people find unauthorized music files.

By April 29, 2008


We7 adds Sony BMG catalogue for free streaming

We7 has inked a deal with major record label Sony BMG to add the music behemoth's entire back catalogue to the music site, for free, ad-supported streaming

By April 28, 2008


Sony BMG joins Nokia's unlimited music service

Nokia customers get access to any Sony BMG song for a year, and they get to keep the songs forever. Is this the music model of the future?

By April 22, 2008


Sony BMG and 3 launch free mobile music videos

Mobile operator 3 has teamed up with the record label to launch free, ad-support music video downloads directly to customers' handsets. We examine whether the mobile market is ready

By April 2, 2008


Sony BMG: We, too, might offer a music subscription service

CEO says service would include unlimited access to label's digital catalog for a monthly fee. All music players welcome.

By March 25, 2008


Report: MySpace nears deal with Sony BMG, Warner Music

MySpace may be nearing a licensing agreement with two of the top four major record labels according to the New York Post.

By March 24, 2008


Sony BMG signs onto Amazon's DRM-free music store

Amazon MP3, which only sells music without digital rights management copy protection, now has licensing deals with all four major music labels. Watch out, iTunes.

By January 10, 2008