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SoloPro G3

The ioSafe Solo G3 makes an excellent backup solution for those who need to make sure their important data survives even the worst disasters.

By April 9, 2012

4 stars Editors' rating April 9, 2012
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ioSafe SoloPro Disaster-proof External Hard Drive

For those who need to ensure that their data will survive disasters, the IoSafe SoloPro is one of a few, if not the only, worthwhile options on the market. General users, however, won't find much appeal in it.

By August 17, 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating August 17, 2010

MSRP: $419.00


ioSafe SoloPro

The ioSafe SoloPro is an unusually bulky and heavy external hard drive but it can safeguard your data against extreme heat and water submersion.

By August 20, 2010


IoSafe SoloPro: Serious external storage gets speed

IoSafe ships a new fire-proof, water-proof external hard drive that offer high-speed connections.

By August 18, 2010


Crave giveaway: IoSafe Solo G3 external hard drive

Having trouble keeping your New Year's resolution to back up regularly? This week, we're making it easy for you with a super-sturdy drive from IoSafe.

By March 30, 2012


IoSafe silences Solo G3 drive, recommends Synology

IoSafe unveils the Solo G3 that's the same as the original of the SoloPro but now is almost silent, thanks to a new fanless design.

By January 12, 2012


IoSafe Rugged Portable review: Anger management alternative

CNET editor Dong Ngo gives his take on IoSafe's disaster-resistant portable hard drive, the Rugged Portable.

By May 17, 2011


Seagate reinforces BlackArmor NAS with IoSafe disaster-proof drive

Seagate displays at CES 2011 a combination of the BlackArmor NAS server with a Seagate-branded disaster-proof external hard drive from IoSafe.

By January 5, 2011


IoSafe's Rugged Portable drive vs. a shotgun

IoSafe stages an extreme demonstration of its new Rugged Portable external hard drive to prove just how tough the device is.

By January 5, 2011


IoSafe pitches Rugged Portable drive

IoSafe announces its first super-rugged portable drive that can withstand even the hardest conditions while it remains compact and portable.

By January 5, 2011