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Family of murdered soldier criticizes Apple's refusal to hack San Bernadino shooter's iPhone

The uncle of British soldier Lee Rigby, who was killed by Islamic extremists in 2013, has called Tim Cook's insistence on prioritizing privacy "short-sighted."

By February 18, 2016


Declassified: America's animal spies and soldiers

From bionic insects to minesweeping dolphins, these are the animals working hard to keep Americans safe.

16 Images By December 1, 2015


How to watch every Marvel property in the perfect order

We've laid out every Marvel movie and tv show in the perfect order for you to watch -- or just to impress people.

By May 20, 2016


New Mafia 3 trailer tells you all about the main character and his troubled past

First in a series of character overview videos shines a light on Lincoln Clay.

By July 19, 2016


'Crowd Control,' part 21: What comes after the zombie apocalypse

In the penultimate installment of CNET's crowdsourced sci-fi novel, the resurrection war on Earth resolves and humanity turns to the true threat.

By June 30, 2016


Battlefield 1: How weather and destruction change the game

We spent an hour with Battlefield 1's Northern France map as it morphed from explosions, demolition, and fog.

By June 20, 2016


'Crowd Control,' part 15: Heaven isn't big enough for everyone

In this installment of CNET's crowdsourced sci-fi novel, a war on Earth is spilling over into a parallel universe, threatening to slam the gates of heaven shut.

By June 7, 2016


Watch the last Overwatch animated short before the game's release

Just in case you needed one last little fix before the official release date, Blizzard has dropped a fourth animated short starring Soldier 76.

By May 22, 2016


'Top Gear' fans go full speed with hate for the wrong Chris Evans

What's in a name? Lots, when you're revving too fast and furious to verify a Twitter handle and attack Captain America by mistake.

By May 31, 2016


Veterans bootstrap the transition from battlefield to tech

Leveraging their leadership and technology skills, vets are joining one of the fastest-growing industries.

By May 30, 2016