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A smarter mirror for cheaper solar power

Using digital technologies, startup Thermata looks to slash the cost of concentrating solar power plants which is needed to stave off the onslaught from cheaper solar photovoltaic panels.

By April 10, 2012


Solar tower will power Las Vegas at night

SolarReserve hits a milestone on a 110-megawatt solar power plant that will have between 10 and 15 hours of energy storage in tanks of molten salt for supplying Nevada.

By February 9, 2012


U.S. finalizes loan aid for two solar plants

With funding for the government's loan program set to expire at the end of the week, investors have been watching to see what deals will be completed before time runs out.

By September 28, 2011


California says yes to molten solar

State approves commercial-scale solar plant using molten salt to store heat energy and increase capacity for electricity generation.

By December 16, 2010


Nevada, Sicily to find staying power in molten salt

Solar thermal plants to retain heat and produce power even on sunless days.

By July 29, 2010


DOE funds to stretch solar power via salt storage

Department of Energy will spend $62 million on projects designed to increase the output of concentrating solar power systems by adding hours of heat storage.

By May 10, 2010


In clean energy, U.S. needs more steel in ground

Researching technology breakthroughs is worthwhile, but people in renewable energy say the U.S. needs to speed up installation of products to lower costs and stay competitive globally.

By February 6, 2010


Utility solar project adds molten salt for storage

SolarReserve lands deals to build concentrating solar power plants that can deliver power even with the sun isn't shining by using heated salt as storage.

By December 22, 2009


Solar plant to store energy in molten salt

The Spanish site, which just received the necessary permit to start construction, will use hot, liquefied salt to store solar energy once the sun is down.

By November 18, 2009


Green news harvest: Wall Street bruises clean tech

Plus: presidential candidates on climate policy, solar prices start their fall, reality checks on the progress of alternative energy and efficiency, SolarReserve melts salt to store sunlight.

By September 16, 2008