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Facebook and the downsides of software as a service

Watch carefully how Facebook responds to the tizzy over its page-design changes. It could be a case study on how to do software in a cloud-computing future.

By March 22, 2009


Proprietary software is a...services business

Looking at recent earnings announcements, it may well be that open-source software vendors are making the most money from software while proprietary vendors retreat to services revenue.

By July 25, 2008


Get a $631 subscription bundle for $54

From the Cheapskate: Productivity, security, cloud storage, backup -- this high-value collection has a little bit of everything.

By January 29, 2016


Opening up Software as a Service (SaaS)

In all the hype around Software as a Service (SaaS) as a way to bring down prices and drive value to the customer, one thing is conveniently overlooked: SaaS is the ultimate lock-in platform. That may be about to change.

By May 28, 2008


Software becomes a service, not product, industry

Thinking of and delivering IT as a service allows IT to become part of the business, and not merely the dumb bits behind it. Open source and SaaS make it all happen. Savvy IT shops will invest in both.

By April 10, 2008


Software-as-a-service path for the midmarket

The disconnect at many vendors between forward-looking SaaS and cloud computing strategies and their more tactical midmarket plays is, at the very least, a strategic oversight.

By March 26, 2008


Affero: A new GPL for software as a service

Free Software Foundation releases a variation of the GPL that brings its reciprocity obligations to software running as an online service.

By November 19, 2007


All-you-can-download subscription model for apps debuts in Vietnam

Opera Software and Vietnamese service provider Vinaphone join forces to bring a subscription model for app purchases to the country.

By June 10, 2015


Applying the principles of open source to Software as a Service

Open source doesn't sit well with SaaS. Here's one idea of how to fix that.

By October 9, 2007


Software as a service needs foundation of strong security

Underneath the software-as-a-service hype, large organizations have a real concern. Yup, security jitters again.

By June 6, 2007