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Meet the smarter switches and sockets of bRight Switch (pictures)

Take a peek at the newest thing to hit the Internet of things.

8 Images By October 9, 2013


How to install a USB wall socket

This wall socket includes two USB ports for charging your mobile devices. Find out what you need and how to install it.

By March 5, 2012


Install a USB wall socket

Sharon Vaknin shows you how to install an outlet that includes two USB ports for charging your mobile devices.

By March 2, 2012


To save energy, popping socket unplugs plugs

Ignore the 10-minute warning and you'll find that your toaster, computer, or smartphone has been unceremoniously evicted from its wall socket, by the socket itself.

By January 2, 2012


Inventing a new socket for LED lighting

LED light maker Bridgelux has designed a snap-in connector for LED lights that can be upgraded for better efficiency, light color, or maybe even wireless communications.

By October 7, 2011


Web Sockets and the risks of unfinished standards

Browser makers are excited about a new technology called Web Sockets, but some are scrambling after an early version raised a security problem.

By December 10, 2010


Cute Cube: A socket for squares

The concept Cute Cube has rotatable jacks that can accommodate up to six chargers or plugs of any shape, along with indicator lights that tell you which plugs are occupied.

By January 11, 2010


Art Lebedev Rozetkus 3D socket plugs into the third dimension

The Russian design gurus at Art Lebedev have shown off their latest piece of little genius: the Rozetkus 3D pop-out plug socket

By November 9, 2009


NASA: No shuttle damage from dropped socket

A falling socket from a torque wrench misses Hubble Space Telescope payload, hits shuttle Atlantis radiator, but no one injured and no repairs are needed.

By April 24, 2009


Eye-socket camera films from inside the head

A one-eyed filmmaker invents a camera eye so he can film the world from a very personal perspective.

By March 6, 2009