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26th Annual Autism Society of Wisconsin Conference

This free app provides information about the 26th Annual Conference hosted by the Autism Society of Wisconsin on April 30 - May 2, 2015 in...


Greeting Fluency Aid

Learn a few words of greetings in the languages of your neighbors.The Greeting Fluency Initiative seeks to encourage citizens to learn simple...


Law enforcement's encryption claims overblown, study finds

The surge in Internet-connected devices will offer ample new surveillance opportunities, according to a Harvard study.

By February 1, 2016


Adobe rolls out an extended paid leave program for new parents

Software maker to begin offering new mothers up to 26 weeks of paid leave from their jobs, following similar policy updates made last week by Netflix and Microsoft.

By August 10, 2015


Group to review Amazon board hopefuls

The New York Society of Security Analysts' ongoing forum on Amazon.com has scheduled two upcoming meetings to review candidates for Amazon's board of directors. At its April 26 meeting, the forum, which is co-sponsored by investment banker Gary Lutin, will draft a list of questions to pose to candidates. The forum plans to give director candidates time to address those questions at its May 10 meeting. Amazon will release its list of director candidates in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing later this month. The Seattle-based company will hold its annual meeting May 23. The NYSSA forum has been sharply critical of the financial information Amazon has provided to investors. In the last two months, it sent letters to venture capitalist John Doerr and Amazon's other directors, asking them to encourage the company to provide more information on its financial standing.

April 9, 2001


Short Take: Civil liberties group testifies for encryption

The London-based civil liberties group Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties testified before the U.K. House of Commons that the country should support the use of strong encryption and not give investigators a "spare key" to computer users' secured communication. "Law enforcement authorities need to overcome their fear of encryption and their desire for solutions that create more risks for society than they remove," said Brian Gladman, the group's technology policy adviser.

March 9, 1999


Short Take: New Net domain registry takes another step

Emergent Corporation has struck a deal with creators of the global Internet Council of Registrars (CORE) to build a new Net domain name system to compete with the current U.S. registrar, the InterNIC. CORE has more than 85 members and was established by a group called the interim Policy Oversight Committee, an affiliate of the Internet Society. The committee is overseeing the plan, which also would create seven new domain names including ".arts," ".firm," ".info," ".shop," and ".web."

November 4, 1997