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'Socialbots' steal 250GB of user data in Facebook invasion

Programs designed to mimic real users made off with 250 gigabytes of personal information from the social network's inhabitants in a vulnerability study.

By November 1, 2011


Who’s a jerk? The site that tagged millions of Facebook users ‘jerk’

Napster co-founder John Fanning found a new calling with Jerk.com, but the FTC alleges the site dishonestly harvested photos and names from more than 73 million people.

By April 7, 2014


Facebook loses 250GB of user data in hack, researchers claim

Researchers have infiltrated Facebook and stolen 250GB of personal data using 'socialbots'. The company questions the study's credibility.

By November 2, 2011


Smartphone hang-ups (week in review)

iPhone battery and Gmail app hit redial, while Internet sales tax gets another look. Also: A CNET exclusive on the death of Microsoft's Courier tablet.

By November 4, 2011