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Social-ad firm Appssavvy raises $3.1 million

The New York-based start-up recently partnered with NBC Universal to sell ads for its new "iCue" application, and it hopes to do so with more big-name clients.

By October 7, 2008


With SocialAds on the way, is Facebook getting the shakes?

One Facebook user has noticed problems with her connection to the social-networking site over the past several days. Is she alone?

By November 5, 2007


In NY, anticipating a day with Zuckerberg and pals

Tuesday will see the debut of Facebook's new "SocialAds" program, which aims to revolutionize the way advertisers can target advertisements toward social networks' audiences.

By November 5, 2007


New advertising strategy is a big gamble for Facebook

The company is proceeding with caution in an attempt not to irritate its fickle user base, but it nevertheless still runs some big risks with its new advertising program.

By November 6, 2007


Facebook, Google in a social-networking PR scramble?

Facebook has scheduled a high-profile advertising announcement for Nov. 6. Google has reportedly changed its social-networking announcement from Nov. 5 to later in the week. Coincidence?

By October 29, 2007


Facebook confirms big upcoming advertising announcement

After invitees leak details to bloggers, company acknowledges that its much-rumored advertising strategy will see the light of day at a New York event November 6.

By October 24, 2007