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Microsoft tacks on not-so-social bookmarking tool

Thumbtack, a new product from Microsoft Live Labs, is designed to help people bookmark things they find on the Web. It even works in Firefox. Sort of.

By December 10, 2008


Create dynamic social bookmarks with Populist

What happens when you mix Twitter with a dynamically changing profile?

By June 6, 2008


Rumor: Social bookmarking site Mister Wong acquires Lifestream.fm?

There's no indication of why Mister Wong, a European site that resembles a blend between Delicious and StumbleUpon, would want the FriendFeed-like Lifestream.fm.

By April 29, 2008


Diigo 3.0: The all-powerful personal, social bookmarking service

The latest version of this product offers users a lot of functionality, but it's not a tool for dunderheads.

By March 20, 2008


Iterasi makes social bookmarking timeless

Save sites just like when you saw them with Iterasi, a new social bookmarking tool that saves pages in that particular instance.

By January 28, 2008


fooWHO: social bookmarking with a pinch of eHarmony

fooWHO is kind of like Reddit, with a questionnaire and algorithm to help figure out your likes and dislikes.

By August 17, 2007


Forbes may acquire social bookmarking site Clipmarks

A VentureBeat story announces the acquisition, but Clipmarks execs are surprisingly candid in saying that it's still very tentative and very much in the works.

By August 7, 2007


Social bookmarking explained with hand gestures, puppetry

What is Del.icio.us? These guys know, and they're going to show you with paper puppets and a dry erase board.

By August 7, 2007


Mister Wong launches English version of social-bookmarking service

Bookmark your stuff with Mister Wong, a new social-bookmarking service.

By August 2, 2007


Grouptivity pulls social bookmarking card

Social bookmarking has gone 2.0 with Grouptivity's new 'blog this' option and sharing tools. According to the service, the 'e-mail this' button is now obsolete. We'll see about that.

By April 18, 2007