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Intel storage chips point to SoC future

The world's largest chip company wants to build system-on-chips based on the x86 instruction set, and the first fruits of that project are set to be released.

By July 23, 2008


Cory Doctorow, geek culture icon (Q&A)

45 Minutes on IM: The Boing Boing editor, sci-fi author, and all around big-time Net thinker hits on range of topics from gold farming to NAFTA.

By May 13, 2010


Report: iPhone 4G packs potent chip

A prototype Apple iPhone 4G squeezes in an iPad-class processor, according to an iFixit report based on a device teardown featured on a Vietnamese Web site.

By May 12, 2010


FCC lets movie industry selectively break your TV

The FCC grants the MPAA permission to selectively disable certain outputs on your TV so that it can deliver you movies at home earlier. Thanks, but I think I'd rather go to Redbox.

By May 7, 2010


ARM, Globalfoundries outline 28-nanometer plans

According to the companies, the shift will enable mobile devices to offer 40 percent more computing performance and 100 percent greater battery life than the existing 45-nanometer process.

By February 16, 2010


Inside the iPad: Apple's new 'A4' chip

The first official Apple-branded chip, the fruit of Apple's acquisition of PA Semi, should have "a performance, battery efficiency, and cost advantage over the competition."

By January 27, 2010


Analysts ponder the power inside Apple's tablet

Analysts speculate about what will provide the processing power for the device--or devices, as the case may be.

By January 20, 2010


Does Intel Architecture matter?

Intel Architecture, IA or x86, compatibility matters far less in the handheld and consumer electronics space where Intel hopes to place Atom than does the processor itself.

By September 22, 2009


Intel Forum preview: Moore's Law expressed as fewer chips

Intel plans to express Moore's Law as integration of functions into fewer chips later this month at the Intel Developer Forum.

By September 13, 2009


Report: Asian firms eye alternative chips

Japanese electronics companies are designing a chip that will compete with Intel, while a China-based manufacturer says it's working on devices using an alternative chip design, according to reports.

By September 9, 2009