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Canada testing $600,000 stealth snowmobile

An ultra-quiet electric-hybrid ride is being designed to help patrol Canada's Arctic. Is it practical or just a boondoggle?

By August 22, 2013


Torture test: Snowmobile vs. gadgets

The iPhone 5, Lumia 920, and Kindle Fire HD all get torture tested in our first-ever reindeer games. Molly Wood drops gadgets from a ski lift, jumps on them with a snowboard, and drives over them with a snowmobile -- all in the name of product testing.

By February 25, 2013


An extreme snowmobile, hold the snow

What do you get when you combine an ATV, a snowmobile, and a 151-horsepower motorcycle engine?

By July 29, 2009


'Polaris' is our kind of snowmobile--by remote

Why risk injury and cold when you don't have to?

By December 3, 2007


It's the best of Always On, Season 3!

Season 3 has been packed with plenty of new products, torture tests, road tests, and future tech. But the best was when we hit the slopes and put our gear through extreme conditions, even using a snowmobile. The Blackberry Z10 went to Barcelona, Spain. And Google Fiber: 100 times faster?

By April 16, 2013


Today in Tech History: June 29, 2008

The invention of the snowmobile, and the first classical-music recording.

By June 27, 2008


Ken Block presents his extreme snowcar

A Subaru Impreza is transformed into a badass snowmobile by rally driver Ken Block. Here are the impressive results.

By March 5, 2010


The Cobra BT 200 goes where <br />smartphones dare not tread

The Cobra BT 200 works best when connected to the 12-volt outlet of an ATV or snowmobile and allows for mobile calling where smartphones dare not tread, but it isn't the best choice for in-car calling.

By May 1, 2009


Arrow: A four-wheeled 'fighter jet' for the road (Q&A)

One of Charles Bombardier's many wild concept vehicle designs, the Arrow, could be powered by lithium-air batteries with a range of over 370 miles.

By December 31, 2013


How Google slurps in Street View data -- not just from streets

At its Google I/O conference, the company showed off the equipment it uses to gather its 360-degree panoramic imagery of the world.

By May 16, 2013